“I Love Rock and Roll” The best story of Rock.

Many people hear I love Rock and Roll and immediately start to sing along, many people hear I love rock and Roll and only hear a cliché hit, many hear it and hear a party rock song, and many hear a rock and roll classic.

Some people think Joan Jett wrote this song; some people love to say The Arrows wrote it; some people love to say the original is better, and other people know Joan Jett’s version is one of the best covers ever.

Usually, I think everything is subjective and there is no objectivity when it comes to art, but in this case I have to say Joan Jett’s version of this song kicks the original in the ass and then it shreds it to pieces to eat it for breakfast.

The Arrows version is a typically song about a man picking up a girl and reaffirming the role of men in Rock and Roll music. It’s one more in a pile of hundreds of songs about that, too many to list. The music is sexy and cool but similar to many other songs around at that time.

Joan Jett, turned the song around, musically made it more straightforward, more rock and roll more basic and punk, she made it a classic from the first time she sung it.

But what really made it an awesome song was Joan Jett with an honest naiveté, her attitude and the intention with which she sung, the fact that a woman was so naturally and swagerlly wanting to pick up a guy, she was not trying to be sexy, she was not making herself available for the guy, she was owning her sexuality and going for it.

Rock and Roll was also a man’s world, a woman, playing guitar, owning her sexuality and making a statement the she loves rock and roll broke the status quo, because it never sounded fake, she was not groupie, she was not loving rock and roll because her boyfriend loved rock and roll. She did loved Rock and Roll and it was a simple statement but also, a rebellious statement for a girl at the time. She was her own persona; she was confident, androgynous, simple and authentic.

It was something different; something so much needed in commercial music, especially for rock and roll, a masculine and androgynous energy in a woman. That is why it struck a chord with the world, girls wanted to be her and boys wanted to be with her, the world needed that kind of energy and that song, sung so genuinely by Joan Jett captured it perfectly.

The song never sounded average, or anything other than honest,and cool.

But The story behind  “I Love Rock and Roll” becoming a hit is one of the greatest rock and roll stories ever.

It is a story of perseverance, following your dreams, being saved by music and believing in yourself. It is a story about rock and roll.

Nobody looked twice to the song, not even The Arrows; they released the song as a B-side to other single. And although it did had a little success in the U.K. It was a song meant to be forgotten.

But it wasn’t, Joan Jett touring with The Runaways in the U.K was watching TV one day and saw the Arrows play “I Love Rock and Roll” on a show, she immediately identified with the song and bought the single (The song was a B-side to other song), she wanted to cover that song as soon as she heard it, so she brought it to The Runaways but they decided they didn’t want to cover it so she kept the song in her back pocket, sometimes she would play that song to her friends and random people, but they all though it was a corny and too simple, nobody really believed in that song.

Until The Runaways broke up and Joan was devastated, she felt the band was her whole life, but also felt disillusioned by the whole Rock and Roll business, she thought the music industry was going to be more accepting of girls playing rock and roll, but instead they were made fun of and the press didn’t even hear the music, they were too busy trying to beat them up and make them feel bad for wanting to do something that girls weren’t supposed to do.

Joan felt lost and started to drink a lot and to take too many drugs, she was a in a pretty bad shape, emotionally, until she met the right people, people from the industry who believed in her, she then was able record some songs with help from the sex pistols, she recorded 3 songs, one of them of course was, I Love Rock and Roll.

After a while she moved to NY and made a solo record, which 23 record labels rejected saying there was no place for an artist like her in the business, maybe it would be better if she dressed differently and lose the guitar, so she formed Blackheart Records and started selling her own records at the end of every gig.

Eventually some label took notice of how many records they were selling and finally reissued the record with the name of Bad Reputation, it had success and Joan made another record, this time and with some money, she decided to do “I Love Rock and Roll” again, so re-recorded it with her band The Blackhearts and included it in the new record, this record broke and “I Love Rock and Roll” became a classic, the record sold more than 10 million copies and stayed number one for several weeks, to this day I bet there is no one country where I Love Rock and Roll is not played at least one time in the Rock radio stations everyday.

I think this is a beautiful story of how Joan Jett believed in a song and pushed it until she proved she was right, this song represents her love for rock and roll, her perseverance and her sexual energy, this song represents her.
At the end of the day, she loves rock and roll and we love HER.



For more information on the production of the Album “I Love Rock and Roll” check out this LINK .



As a man who loves women, as a feminist, as a man who was sexually abused by his father and stepfather and as a highly sensitive person living with Asperger’s, it sickens me out the whole situation that has come out of Jackie Fuchs’ revelation that Kim Fowley raped her in front of a bunch of people.

Before I keep going I want so say first and foremost that I can’t believe all the focus is going towards Joan Jett as if she is the main character of this story, no one is talking about sexism, no one is talking about how creepy Kim Fowley was, no one is talking about how wrong the whole situation was, about abuse, about rape, no. Everything that seems to matter is that Joan Jett was there, all the anger is going towards her. As if she was not a victim of the whole situation there, too.

Everyone who was underage in that room was a victim, everyone who was there was traumatized and everyone who was there came out with a trauma because of Kim Fowley.

Why do people always have to go accuse the victims? Everyone there was a victim and still is to this day. Apparently, It always has to be a woman’s fault.

After carefully reading every opinion on the matter from the people who were there and after reading every article and book on the matter, I’ve connected every statement and realized that nobody is lying. Sometimes the truth has many perceptions. That perception is influenced by drugs, age, context, state of mind at the moment of the incident, past experiences, feelings toward the other people involved, sex, time, memory and many, many more things.


I think it was a normal and boring night, Kim decided to mess Jackie up and to bully her so he made sure she took a bunch of drugs so she just went to a weird state of mind, she was out of it, her mind disassociated from her will and Kim proceeded to mess around with her, things got carried away and he raped her in front of many people there, she didn’t want to have sex with Kim, but her body and drugged mind differed from her thoughts and will. Kim made sure many people were watching, many were underage, all of them felt horrified by the situation, it was a marking point for all of them. They were all victims and perception is a tricky thing, but what some saw was a girl drugged out (like many girls from that time, like they themselves every night) having sex with a creep, some felt she was acting like she was into it (we now know it wasn’t the case in Jackie´s mind) Some were grossed out by the situation, some acted cool because that was their way to cope.
Kim Fowley was an evil genius; he knew how to manipulate things, he knew how to rape a girl without he coming out as a rapist, without anyone else knowing he was raping a girl (Except form the adults in that room)
There were many people in that room, if some would have felt that it was a rape, someone would have said anything. Kim knew better than that.

They were kids, they thought Jackie was into it, based on what they saw, so if she would have said no, or acted like she didn’t want that, maybe they were all would have tell him to stop and make him stop, Jackie´s friends were also there.
After that night everyone in that room distances themselves from Jackie, because they felt uncomfortable with the situation, the were sicken out and traumatized, Jackie’s friends didn’t talked to her ever again (because they felt weird about her) that is also why all the other Runaways had weird feelings towards Jackie, because they didn’t know what to make of her. She was the girl that was so high she wanted to have sex with their creepy manager.

They didn’t see a rape, but they were also traumatized by the whole situation, so their way to cope was to laugh about it, to make fun of the situation, to laugh at Jackie because she had sex with a creep, they were weirded out by that, because that was their way to deal with that. That is why no one spoke about it afterwards; nobody asked or told Jackie anything, because they thought that was her personal issue, because they thought she was ashamed of what she did, like they would be (a walk of shame situation).

Kim Fowley did something to every one in that room that night.

Kim Fowley not only raped Jackie, he made sure it didn’t look like a rape, otherwise he would not have been able to get away with it for 40 years. That night Kim Fowley raped all their minds. There were no bystanders, they were all victims.


Everyone seems to forget Cherie gave a pretty detailed narrative about that night and everything that happened.
She is been telling this story over and over again, because she was traumatized, she was also a victim.
The only thing different in The Huffington Post article is that Joan Jett was there too and the girl was Jackie Fox.
Joan Jett is not denying that this happened, she is saying she wasn´t aware Jackie was being raped. She may also not remember the situation or doesn´t want to disrespect Jackie by saying how she remembers things. Either way, she was a victim too. Jackie as a victim just spoke now.

It seems some people are always willing to find a strong powerful woman and bring her down, to judge her harshly for something that happened 40 years ago. Who is getting more insults? Kim Fowley or Joan Jett ? The victim, always the victim.

I think Cherie was brave telling her story in her book.


When I started reading the article, I felt good for Jackie, I know how it feels to finally say something like that, as I continued reading I couldn´t understand why was the writer being so sensationalistic about the subject, why so much detail about it? Why name calling the other victims? Why it didn´t include that some thought Jackie wanted what was happening?

As I kept reading I realized this is not all healing, this is not going to bring light on sexual abuse or rape, this is going to condemn Joan Jett. I knew that the second I finished reading the article.

Jackie is always said to be smart, now she says she didn´t expected that, I don´t get why. The piece of article is biased and harsh towards the other victims, calling them bystanders as if they were not kids and were not manipulated.

The story was told many times before; nobody cared, now that Joan Jett has been mention everybody seems to care, that is what is wrong with the article, that it knowingly takes away the possibility to bring light to the main issue.

I get that Jackie resents everybody in that room and part of her healing process is to speak about what happened with everyone there, but to deliberately name call other victims that have not speak up yet, especially if they are so famous as Joan Jett is something brutal to do. I thought for a second that maybe Jackie didn´t want that and the writer of the article manipulated the whole situation, but now I see Jackie reposting every post that accuses Joan Jett or Cherie Currie, and she is leading to making teams out of it. That should never be the case. There are no teams here, separatism is never the way to heal and to deal with rape.

They should all respect each other, their healing process, and their memories of what happened that night and never take down on each other.

I strongly feel the Huffington post´s article mainly focuses on Joan Jett and many don´t see that, but I´m smarter than that.


As I said, my father and then my stepfather sexually abused me, only 2 people know about this. I know how healing it is to tell someone what happened so I really send all my love to Jackie and I feel her pain and I know how traumatic it can be, what happened to her. I just wish her healing and peace (funny thing, Joan said the same I just realized it after writing it, those are the exact feelings to wish to a rape victim)
Jackie was raped and I am really glad she finally told her story.

I told my mom what happened with my stepfather and then I denied it for several reasons, so she believed me and it all continued as if it never happened, my stepfather would do things like touch himself in front of me or going to my room when I was sleeping. I learned to deal with that, to lock my door, to never look. I resented my mother for not noticing it, for not knowing I was telling the truth when I first told her.

But she was also a victim and if someone where to accuse her I would be really mad, she should have know better, yes, but she didn’t and no one is to blame her.
I know how hard is for her to talk about it now, it´s even harder for her than for me.

In Jackie´s case what she calls bystanders were all victims, were all traumatized, some of them didn´t know she was being raped, and that changes the whole deal. I understand the resentment, never the name-calling or the accusations or the team making.


Joan Jett made me a feminist, a stronger person, a happy person. There is no end to how many things Joan Jett has taught me.
Joan Jett is mysterious but she is pure, anyone who has hugged her or looked her in the eyes knows that.
Joan Jett has the soul of a child and the wisdom of a tibetan old monk. It´s all in her songs, al the traumas, all the lack of memory, she is transparent in her songs,  I´m sure she made many mistakes in her life, but what she is being accused of is not one. She didn’t know Jackie was being raped, and she or anyone should never be judged for what they did 40 years ago when they were kids, never. Especially if they were victims too.

I’ve read somewhere that The Huffington Post article has helped more people that any of the other Runaways. That, I know is not true. Joan Jett has saved lives, she surely saved mine, she has also physically saved lives and there are stories about that. Music is healing and is stronger that any sensationalistic article. And Joan Jett is being helping with her music, helping animals, woman issues and kids since she was 15 years old. She is being saving lives for 40 years.

I sent Joan my best wishes, I know she is a strong woman, I also know how sensitive she is and I know it must be hard for her everything that is happening, I wish her the best and I know things will get better, much better.
I´m sticking with you.


“Do you wanna watch me cry, do you wanna make me bleed, do you wanna hear me say, what I don’t really mean, do you want it so real, do you want it so fake, do you want big proof, Is that what you crave, do you want to watch me crack, wanna see me shatter, make me behave
Doesn’t really matter”


I encourage everyone to read the following information if they want to have an objective opinion.
¨Neon Angel¨ – Book by Cherie Currie
¨Queens of Noise¨- Book by Evelyn Mcdonnell (In this book many people talk about the incident, including Sandy West)

My Story – How Alanis Morissette and Joan Jett saved my life.


I’m Alonso.

Since I was a kid, I’ve always struggled with really deep thoughts and questions about the world. I would question everything, and nobody seemed to have the answer to all my questions, or at least an answer that wouldn’t raise another question.

I felt different from anyone else, I had friends and I was nice to them, but I felt there was always a limit of things I could share with them, or things I could talk about or how deep I could go. So I became really insular, I would watch a lot of movies, read a lot of information about things I liked, and listen to a lot of music. I tried to find the answers to all my questions but didn’t find them, so I decided I would answer them myself and I did. I created my own unique beliefs about the world.
I was also incapable of doing things I didn’t like, like wearing specific clothes, going to visit someone I didn’t like or following certain rules. I was hard to deal with.
I was also hypersensitive to everything around me, especially people. I could easily read peoples energy and it would affect me so much sometimes that I couldn’t stand seeing them or even say hi to them.

My mom and my dad didn’t like me because I was so different, so difficult. But I was always looking for connection and I would try hard to connect with my mom, sharing with her the things I liked. I needed connection and she was my person, but I was so difficult to deal with that she started resenting me and distant herself from me, so I learned to be different. I learned that I could be happy in my head and create my own thoughts, my own beliefs and my own little world.
I also couldn’t physically stand when someone lied to me, it was hurtful and I would panic. My mom was a liar, she would always lie in order to get me to do certain things and I hated that. I just couldn’t understand it.

I grew up and got very much into music, rock music. Mostly classic 60’s and 70’s bands, grunge and a lot of punk rock too. I had friends, I was funny, I had a lot of wit, I was nice to people, I was honest but I couldn’t really share what I felt, there was a world of deepness inside me that would make it impossible for me to open up and really connect with people, I was always afraid of being judged and that nobody would understand me. I couldn’t connect with anyone even if I tried; there was always the same limit.

So I thought there was something wrong with me.
I started to hate myself.

Then, one day when I was a 9, I listened to Alanis Morissette and I can say it changed my life because I felt this strong connection with her songs, lyrically and musically. But it wasn’t so much what she was saying, although it did resonate a lot with my feelings and thoughts, it was the energy of her voice, her lyrics and her music. I felt like there was someone else out there who had no limit in terms of thoughts and how deep you can go. So her songs became my connection, I didn’t just listen in my mind, I was having the best conversations and I was safe, after that I could connect better with the world outside my thoughts, I was less scared of being judge, because now I had my Alanis.
So she kind of saved my life, every record and every song was my little limitless conversation, and it helped me a lot. I open myself more. Even if I knew people would judge me or would never understand me.
To me it seemed that people liked to judge a lot when you don’t think alike, But now I was fine with it.

As I grew older, I found out that I had Asperger’s Syndrome, that I was an introvert and that I was a highly sensitive person, those 3 things I was, made it hard for me, but once I knew them it was easy for me to understand myself and the rest of the world.

Then life happened and I was really hurt and wounded because of thing that happened to me – life can be really tough – some things I attracted to myself and other things were attracted to me because of collective consciousness.

So I started to be afraid of the world, really afraid of the people around me and I became a really sad person and a really awful person to have around.
I didn’t know how to communicate with anyone anymore, I didn’t want to anymore, all I wanted was the world to change, it maybe difficult to understand but I couldn’t tolerate poverty, discrimination, sexism, homophobia, racism, indifference, to the point where I would cry every night and feel deeply hurt.
In a way I felt connected with everyone in a deeper level, I felt we were all the same but on the outside I was just afraid and hurt and disconnected.

I was in a deep hole but 2 people stood by me: my best friend and my girlfriend. And I am really thankful for that and I will always love them and care about them.

One day I watched a video of Joan Jett playing with the Foo Fighters and I was enlightened. I saw a light in my dark, such great energy Joan Jett was projecting that I became intrigued and then it happened, every Joan Jett song had the power to make me smile, and make me feel light and feel THE light in the world.

I also felt connected with her songs, her honesty, her being different, her introversion and her energy. I also felt certain limitlessness in her music, in a very different and undercover way, but I felt it. I think Joan Jett helped me see the light in my dark, and made me want to be a better person and I think I became a better person. I started to see things in a different way. She made it easier for me to live in this world we have created.
She also saved my life.

Alanis and Joan helped me in two different stages of my life and with two different parts of myself. Alanis helped me understand myself more and to feel I wasn’t alone and Joan Jett helped me see my light and to be more light, to get along with the universe a little better, they both saved my soul and they both gave me what I needed to feel and find in order to accept me, accept the world and be better within myself and to others, they both helped me to connect within and with the outside, I think it’s all about connection.

I think Alanis Morissette and Joan Jett are very different and very similar at the same time. I see connection as a life purpose in both of them and I will love them and be thankful for them all my life and maybe beyond that.

Top 16 reasons why Joan Jett should be in The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame

I don’t get how an organization called Rock and Roll Hall of Fame can have the word Rock and Roll in it and don’t have a room called “Joan Jett” let alone don’t have Joan Jett in her list of inductees from day 1.
Because Joan Jett is Rock and Roll embodied. In this post I will name some reasons why her name should be all over every Rock Museum on the planet.

I will forget how hot and sexy Joan Jett is because that would count for at least 10 reasons more, although Rock and Roll should always be hot and sexy.
I’ll also forget about the millions of records she’s sold, about all the platinum and gold albums she has, about all of her top ten songs, about how many times she’s toured the world and how all of her shows are sold out. I’ll forget about everything that can be accountable and I’ll go straight to what really matters about Rock and Roll.

1. JOAN JETT was Joan Jett before she was Joan Jett
Joan Marie Larkin was an outsider in school, she was shy, she was nice and friendly, but anyone could sense she had an internal flame waiting to set a big fire and also an incredible sense of calm and deepness about her, something that could attract anyone, the mark of a rockstar.
That is why when Joan at 15 in Rodney Bigenheimer’s English Disco, shy and gutsy as she was, was a role model for every teen girl at the club and everyone wanted to be her friend or to be just like her.

Brad Elterman

At 15 Joan Jett wanted to form an all-girl band and at 16, she did.
At first the band was a 3 piece (Then they became 5 an d then 4), they were celebrities in the teen club rock and roll L.A scene and in less than a year The Runaways toured the world more more than once, made 4 studio albums, 1 live album, several bootlegs and became one of the most influential bands of the 70’s, the starters of the upcoming L.A Punk Scene and icons in their own right, serving as reference to many bands today.
Joan Jett was the heart of The Runaways, she was there from the first to the last day, she wrote the songs, created the cool riffs, and sang a lot of the songs, “The Runaways” was Joan Jett’s baby.


After the Runaways broke up, Joan Jett was depressed and felt really lost, her baby was dead and nobody else seemed to believe in her, she felt betrayed and a failure, she gave herself to parties, drugs and alcohol, she felt crushed. She was nothing without Rock and Roll, she hit rock bottom but eventually she decided to form another band, so she formed The Blackhearts and played every club she could play. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts continue to play to this day and they have never, ever stopped.
They created an unique style that has influenced the shape of music today and it would be fair to say that Joan Jett and the Blackhearts are a band so Rock and Roll that year after year reminds us how awesome and important Rock and Roll is, they are always lighting the flame.
They are a“ Three-chord straight up rock ‘n’ roll band in your face with sweaty music and three minute good songs” as she would say.
It would be really hard to listen to The Blackhearts without ending with a huge smile on your face and the eagerness to go out and passionately do anything you love doing.

The Runaways sometimes were treated really bad because they were girls, they had to take one for the team, people focused on their looks, their sexuality and thought they couldn’t play because they were teen girls, but they fought back and they showed the world they were really good and a really tight rock and roll band, opening the doors for many to come.

The same happened after Joan left the Runaways, no record company wanted to deal with her and she received 23 rejection letters, that is why she decided to form her own record label, so she can release her own record and that record was a big hit selling millions and millions of copies worldwide.
Blackheart Records is now one of the oldest independent labels there is, exists even to this day and keeps launching the careers of many bands.


Joan Jett is a fan of music; she is not a rockstar thinking she is above being a fan anymore. She picked up a guitar because she wanted to make “those sounds” the sound of a mean rhythm guitar, the sound on Led Zeppelin, T.Rex and Black Sabbath records.

She is still a rock and roll fan, she even hosted her own radio show on Little Steven’s Underground Garage, a show called The Radio Revolution, that when on many years.
Joan Jett loves music and she has a very particular taste, she knows when she likes something, she always finds new bands, she supports them and embraces them. She’s also played with many of her favorite bands always with a big and humble smile on her face.


She has supported and inspired countless bands, from The Germs to Miley Cyrus, From Bikini Kill to the Foo Fighters. From The Go-Go’s to Brody Dalle. Many bands started because of Joan Jett, many girls and boys around the world learned how to play the guitar because of Joan Jett.

With The Runaways she travelled to England and became enamored with the punk scene there, when she came back to L.A she told everybody what she saw.
She pretty much connected the UK punk scene with the L.A scene back in the 70’s.
Without Joan Jett many great band wouldn’t exist.

To know her is to love her, every band she has played with has only nice things to say about her and her band, The Who, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, X, Blondie, Foo Fighters, Social Distortion, Green Day, ZZ Top, Motorhead, Alice Cooper, etc. Too many to list.
Joan Jett is so cool, so down to earth, so straight forward, so shy yet so out there, so nice, so sexy, so powerful and so humble, so in love with rock and roll, that it’s hard for any rock fan not to lover.


Joan Jett is a fashion icon. She’s always had a unique sense of style and uses her image as an expression of herself, she doesn’t care about any trend, she IS the trend.

Joan Jett pretty much brought the UK punk style to L.A in her own version, that style became the Joan Jett style around the world, so unique, so Rock ad Roll that through the years she has always been the reference of the Rock woman. She has inspired many designers, many trends were based on her style, there’s even a store (Hot Topic) that could easily be all clothes taken from Joan Jett’s wardrobe.

Since 1976 to 2014 there have been people dressed as Joan Jett and lines of clothes based on Joan Jett.
So it was an obvious step for her to collaborate with a designer to create her own line of clothes, in 2014.


When Joan Jett was 21 she was asked by her fans Darby Crash and Pat Smear to produce the record of their band “The Germs”, she had never produced a record before, but she manage to capture the essence of the band making them listenable enough without losing a bit of the Germs spirit, that record became on of the most iconic punk records ever.
Since then Joan Jett has produced some other iconic records very successfully, like Bikini Kill’s Rebel Girl.


Anything Joan Jett does has a big stamp with her name on it.
Joan Jett is the queen of rhythm crunch; she has her own style, simple chords, space between strums, no effects, just pure and simple on your face rhythm guitar. Joan is on Rolling Stones 100 greatest guitar players of all times and as they describe it, her playing is “no frills, all heart, no fucking around”.
When Joan plays all you wanna do is grab a guitar and pretend you are a rockstar, she exudes Rock and Roll when she plays it, she grabs it like it is an extension of herself, like she is having sex with it, like she once said “Pussy to the wood, fuck your guitar!!”
Gibson made 2 Joan Jett signature models in 2010, those models sold like hot bread.

If Rock and Roll had a voice it had to be Joan Jett, in fact she IS Rock and Roll’s voice, so sweet, so tough, so full of passion, all rhythm, all love, all sex, all going for it.
When Joan sings a song she wrote you can feel her baring her skin, you can feel every emotion in the roughest way possible, she never oversings, she subtlety takes the song where they wanna go and creates a new level of comfort and urge.
Joan Jett’s voice is hard to explain, because there are so many layers to her voice, but I could say that when Joan Jett sings a song whether she wrote it or not, she owns it. Every song is a virgin until Joan Jett sings it.
Nobody sings like Joan Jett.


Joan Jett has a big heart, she cares about the world and has a huge inner world that her beautiful eyes can’t help to express, Joan Jett exudes sex because she owns her sexuality she is always in control, she is extremely intelligent, she is very spiritual, she is a feminist, she cares about animals, she cares about politics, about connection. She speaks up but she does not judge, she cares about the human kind, she includes everyone.

Joan helps many causes, too many to list, she gives a lot of money to different charities but never speaks about it; she is also always there to support a good cause with her presence.
Joan Jett is an awesome human being that is willing to do anything to express her thoughts without being preachy or annoying. Her whole life is a political statement; her guitar could the front cover of a feminist book and all that is reflected in her songs.
Her message is in all of her songs, DIY, be yourself, don’t be ashamed, don’t judge, don’t discriminate, embrace all ages, al sexes, all sexual preferences, go vote, be sexual, support equality, fight for your rights, be a beautiful underdog.
Joan Jett has changed the lives of thousands of people around the world through Rock and Roll

Joan-Jett-Joan-Jett-The-Blackhearts-The-Runaways-rock-guitar-legends-32831189-500-398 1452126_10152066419788086_1647014289_n_zpsbc2e633f farmsanctuary 1907330_701894963203354_7402432681823154120_n

A Joan Jett’s song is pretty recognizable in the best way possible, crunchy guitars, big choruses, handclaps, fun, passion, a killer drum and one of the best rock and roll vocals you will ever hear.

Yet, The Blackhearts, have a huge catalogue of songs that are very different from each others, you can hear killer covers (just like in the old days of Rock and Roll), You can hear Iconic and groundbreaking songs that are anthems like “Bad Reputation”, power ballads, sexual songs, there’s a song for every feeling, for every thought.
I think The Blackhearts are a perfect example of a Rock and Roll band that transcends time. They resemble anything that is pure and simple Rock and Roll, from 1955 to 2014. They are a little Punk, a little Metal, a little Glam, a little Hard Rock, a little pop rock and a little grunge. The Blackhearts are Chuck Berry meets the Ramones, The Rolling Stones meets Sweet, T.Rex meets Nirvana.

Joan Jett songs are part of Rock and Roll history, we’ve all dance to her songs, we’ve all sang along. Some songs are to have fun, some are to turn you on, some are to search your soul, they are all to sweat your heart out.
It doesn’t matter if you are 12 or you are 78, you will definitely like Joan Jett’s songs.


The Blackhearts are a Rock and Roll band, they transcend any sub-genre, they are part of the punk scene, but the Metal Scene embraces them, they are a little Glam but they are considered Hard Rock. Joan Jett & The Blackhearts are a perfect example of a modern Pure Rock and Roll band.

Joan Jett should be in any Rock and Roll book.
If you talk about women in rock, if you talk about the L.A Rock scene, if you talk about punk, if you talk about UK Punk, if you talk about CBGB’s, if you talk about Glam, If you talk about Rodney on the Roq, if you talk about the Riot Grrl movement, if you talk about independent music, if you talk about fashion, if you talk about underground, if you talk about the 70’s, the 80’s, the 90’s, 00’s, and if you talk about today, you have to mention Joan Jett.

Joan Jett plays stadiums and plays clubs, plays fairs and plays theaters, she doesn’t care, although she prefers small venues , she just want to play, she just wants to sweat and connect with people, she has never stopped playing since 1975.


I think humbleness is the big lost value of the modern world, when someone exudes humbleness, they exude light and that is exactly what makes Joan Jett so attractive, she is very humble, very grateful, she doesn’t have to say she is a rockstar, that she is awesome, that she is an Icon, a legend, her light makes that for her (and also, everyone else do that for her).
Joan is always there for her fans, she always does meet and greets, she will always sign your stuff, she looks the crowd in the eye and there are a million stories about how she’s done very big and cool things for her fans.
When she plays you can feel her passion and joy and how she doesn’t take anything for granted, how her soul is all rock and roll. She’s never lost the innocence about it, after all these years she’s not cynical and she is never pretentious, and her work is a sign of that. she is just humble, she is just light.


It’s hard to imagine a world without Joan Jett in it. It would be a sad world. Joan Jett is so much part of today culture that sometimes we forget about her, but the truth is she is in every kid loving rock and roll, in every person with a leather jacket, in every band playing at some club, in every woman picking up an instrument, in every rock song, in every rock designer.
Joan Jett is an Icon, is a living legend, is a role model. Joan Jett is always at the top of her career,  at the top of everything even 40 years after she started, she is not an old rocker, she is as fresh and effective as she was in 1982. She keeps releasing cool music, keeps innovating, keeps playing, she has never stopped playing. This year she’s been on countless T.V shows, done 2 movies, appeared on the Foo Fighters documentary series, received 3 legendary awards, a tribute has been done in her name by amazing and well known rockstars, she’s been trending topic at least 4 times on twitter, etc. 

There is no one type of people who like Joan Jett, her fans are from different cultures, all ages, all sexes, Joan Jett is for everyone.
She is not part of Rock and Roll, Joan Jett IS Rock and Roll.

Jagged Little Pill – Alanis Morissette

The Urgent One

I was in school and all the older kids we’re talking about Alanis Morissette, I had no idea who she was but I saw her CD everyday in school because all the cool kids we’re passing it around. It was 1998, The CD had been out since 1995 but it was still hot in my school.
One day I had the chance to listen to it and it changed my life, I had never hear a woman rock as hard as she was rocking while been so transparent, so direct, so full of emotions, it was grunge, it was the female Nirvana, never had a woman being so straight forward in her lyrics with such urgency in the way she was expressing herself, It felt like the explosion of a generation, it was magic.

So I became one of the 60 million people who bought it.
I went through that summer listening to Jagged Little Pill over and over and over…and over. Everyday I would discover a new song; everyday I would relate to the album in a different way. It was a record full of surprises (So much, than a year after I had the record I discovered that it had a hidden track).
I grew up that summer more than I had grown up in 5 years. I defined myself over that summer with Alanis by my side. I don’t like when people say that it was the voice of women, I was a man and she was voicing my thoughts too.

Jagged Little Pill is not my favorite Alanis Morissette record but without it I wouldn’t be who I am today.

Jagged Little Pill is a raw intellectual album full of urgency and a lot of stream of consciousness, It’s jagged but it is smooth, It’s serious but it’s sarcastic, It’s hardcore but it is easy going. This jagged little pill is easy to swallow but will make you shiver along with it. Alanis bares herself and goes really deep.
The music is a grungy pop with rocking bass-driven tunes and astounding guitars, the vocals are raw and used as an instrument of pure emotions.

I think this is the best song on the album.
The intro is wonderful, it starts with a harmonica that blends perfectly with a whispering guitar that sets the mood of the whole album and then it all starts. The lyrics are tricky, it’s not easy to know what she is talking about because she talks about many random things, the stream of consciousness of an Intellectual woman is obvious and they can be very graphic and full of images, she literally speaks her mind out.
To me, this song is about connection, a topic that would be big for Alanis and her whole career.
The bridge is absolutely on of her bests and more rocking ones and I have to say that the guitar riffs in this song are exquisite.

Enough about me, let’s talk about you for a minute
Enough about you, let’s talk about life for a while
The conflicts, the craziness and the sound of pretenses
Falling all around”

This one we all know. Dave Navarro and Flea play in this song and it’s really easy to recognize Flea’s amazing bass line, the whole structure of the song is really cool. The music and lyrics are full of raw emotion.
This is a song that has absolutely no censorship, she is telling it like it is, how she feels about being dumped, she sings about sex, she sings about feelings, she sings about jealousy, she sings about revenge. She is expressing anger, something that it’s not common for a woman to express in music or anywhere else, so I think it’s a really empowering song, because in this society a woman expressing anger is very often called a bitch, like she is not allowed to be angry.
I don’t think this song is expressing anger toward men, I think is expressing just anger, which is part of the process that we all go through when someone hurts us as a defense mechanism.

A mind-blowingly beautiful song that starts and ends really smoothly and soft but in the middle is very rough and agitated. The music on this one is amazing and perfect with the lyrics, you can feel that music and lyrics were born at the same time.

This song is a song that wanted to be written. The first time I heard this song I cried and the second time I cried a little more. Alanis is singing about how it feels to be a child and how sometimes parents want to live through their child and want them to behave a certain way and be the best.
When you listen to this song you can feel the pressure of being a child and the best part is that it is sung from the child’s perspective on what they feel the parent is telling them.
One of the best songs ever written, simple and powerful.

A song that doesn’t have any ups or downs, It’s plain in a good sense. A chill song about duality and how we all can be active and passive at the same time, we can be one thing and be the other thing, we are not one-dimensional. I think it’s also about how we all can act one way when we are feeling the opposite. In the end I think it’s about feelings vs. thoughts or actions, the two sides of the brain.
The harmonica fits perfect and it has a great sounding bass.
The sound of this track is very raw, you can almost hear what is happening on the studio while she sings which gives a very cool element of truth to her voice.

A very powerful and explicit song with great lyrics about someone (maybe older) who was trying to control her as a young person, career wise and sexually without any regards for her feelings, but she lets him do it.
She is singing from the future telling him that she is so much better without him.
It starts with a cool acoustic guitar that breaks into a very rocking and interesting sound for the chorus. I love the guitars, drums and the way she sings this song.

It’s cool to listen to the “ wooo” in the middle of the song and hear her perfect falsettos. Alanis predicts the future calling herself “ a zillionaire” when she wasn’t one yet.

This is one of my favorites.
A song that criticizes the guilt, the sexism, the fear and the manipulation that comes from Catholicism. She sings about being raised catholic and questioning her religion and faith and comes up with a very interesting and challenging chorus about faith.

Absolutely amazing lyrics, especially the bridge, she shows off her perfect falsetto in this one too and you can hear that the musicians that play in this song are really great ones.
This is a very rocking song full of energy and rage that sounds much better live.

A happy jazzy song.
It would be really hard not to like this song, because it has amazing music and one of the greatest vocals of the album, Alanis really shows in this song that she is a great singer and she can go low or high, and do whatever she wants with her voice; the song is catchy and has a really cool solo.
The lyrics show that Alanis has a great sense of humor and that clichés can be turned into great songs.

A love song about a man so lovable that she has to fall for him even if she didn’t want to. It could be a real situation or it could be wishful thinking. This one is a really happy catchy song with a sense of innocence and pure heart.

I like this song but I have to admit that it’s my least favorite song of the album even though the harmonica solo is one of my favorite parts of the whole record.

This one could be called a ballad, a strange profound ballad with amazing vocals used as a really high-pitched instrument that goes really high and blends nicely with the melody and hard-hitting drums.

This song has the ability to make you feel whatever you want to feel; every emotion that you are repressing is going to come up while listening to this song.
The lyrics are about someone in trouble, maybe with some sort of addiction and/or eating disorder, someone that needs help. It’s a very comforting song. Almost like a hug.

A very catchy, single material song that doesn’t take itself too seriously and I feel it’s a song very different from the rest of the album, it’s not about anything other than life itself, It’s not autobiographical like the rest of the songs, It’s the only song where I don’t see the Alanis stamp all over. Although I do hear it in the bridge.
It is still is a great song with one of those choruses made to sing your lungs out every time you hear it. It doesn’t matter if it’s ironic or not, maybe that’s the irony.
A classic.

A song that makes you want to grab an acoustic guitar and play the cool chord progression that blends nicely with the sarcastic and full of wit lyrics.

The song is about a relationship in which the other person is projecting his traumas on her. He wants a mother, he wants a replacement for his addictions. Alanis is talking about love addiction, maybe she is singing as herself or maybe she is singing through the other person’s perspective, with Alanis, we never know.

This could easily be my favorite song off the album.
Another bass-driven tune, this time with a really nice danceable drum sound and guitars holding notes in an interesting and nostalgic manner.
The song is sophisticated and subtle.

I think it’s about how sometimes people complain about life instead of doing something about it, these people are never satisfied and when there’s conflict they don’t want to go through the pain to come out resolved, they prefer to wait, see what happens and keep the conflicts and traumas inside.
Maybe Alanis is talking about a particular relationship where she sees conflict as an opportunity to grow and heal each other but the other person is resistant so the relationship will not work.

A hidden track, totally different from the others but with the same rawness.
She sings a cappella with an hypnotizing echo, her voice makes you cringe and you can feel exactly what she is feeling.

She goes to her (ex or current) lover’s house without him knowing about it, she starts picking through his stuff and finds out he has another lover so it’s devastating and dramatic. The lyrics could be literal or figurative but the song exudes sadness.
Could be the sadness prior to the anger of the You Oughta Know situation.

 I’ll end this review quoting another review from some months ago written by Lucy Jones for NME when Jagged Little Pill hit the top 40 in the UK (Jagged Little Pill keeps selling 19 years later like the classic album it is)

One of the reasons the album so struck a chord with millions is its broad thematic content. Morrissette tackles the rollercoaster of life head on, exploring religious hypocrisy, jealousy, parental expectations, drinking, mental illness, co-dependence, the patriarchy, friendship, self-esteem, infidelity and on. For the “young and the underpaid, who haven’t got it figured out just yet,” there was a ton of identification. And even though Morrisette was a middle-class white girl with a comfortable upbringing in a strict Catholic family, these themes are pretty universal. Everyone’s gone in the “wrong direction” at some time or other.

But away from the lyrics and the unrepentant gush of feelings, there are big tunes. In abundance. 12 out of 12 to be precise. The music of ‘Jagged Little Pill’ is quite complicated. There are hair-pin shifts between verses and choruses, almost mimicking a mind slightly panicked at modern life. Quiet and tender at times (‘Forgiven’, ‘Mary Jane’, ‘Perfect’), Morrissette uses dynamics to their full effect, ramping up the alt-rock chord progressions, tough enough to sit alongside her enormous voice. Perhaps the harmonica sounds dated but she plays out of it it. Bass guitar. one of the main characters on ‘Jagged Little Pill’, underpins and underlines the physical intensity of the album, with a boom in your belly.
Jagged Little Pill’ also paved the way for plenty of solo confessional song-writers…this album made it OK to write about inner worlds, a powerful way of connecting with an audience. The most interesting albums are those, like ‘JLP’, that transcend the notes on a page and bleed into life, telling us a little bit more about who we are.”

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – Unvarnished

The Tight One
Joan Jett is like Rock and Roll, she is never in fashion but she is always the trend, she is always everywhere, Joan Jett is always creating, collaborating, taking a cause, expressing opinions, mindlessly creating fashion, acting, etc. She is always demonstrating that you can live your life doing whatever, but basically Joan Jett is always playing live somewhere and she is always playing new songs.

That is why Joan Jett never made a comeback, because she never left, not even for a little bit.
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts latest album is called Unvarnished Every Joan Jett album’s been especial and unique, great riffs and pure and straight rock and roll, music full of attitude and rock and roll bliss, but always fresh and with an old fashion timelessness that always evolves.

Unvarnished sounds classic and present, it has the Joan Jett stamp all over and yet it manages to sound totally different from previous albums.
The record has a strong punk rock sound that is played mind-blowingly tight, every song is beautifully connected to the next and it actually sounds really really tight, Thommy Price does an excellent job on drums creating the perfect heartbeat to the album.
The songs are short, catchy, tight, upbeat and fun, but they still have a sense of reflection and philosophical deepness about them. I could write a whole essay on how perfect Joan’s vocals are in this record, perfect pitch, perfect tone, perfect interpretation, to me these are one of her greatest vocals ever.

This is a really beat-driven fun song that makes you wanna dance. Great piano, great beat. The Intro is great and it’s and uplifting rock and roll song. Great starter, Great single. Any weather is a cool inspirational rock and roll song that automatically sets the mood on this record.
Joan wrote the music with Dave Grohl in his 606 studio, Dave also played several instruments on this track.

“Why the need to share every single move you make?” is a question that I have asked myself many times and TMI resonates exactly with this thought. Not in a judgmental way but in a cathartic rock and roll way of expressing “Why the need?!” The lyrics are tight and perfect, the chorus is really catchy, the riff is absolutely amazing, so much that it gives you the need to pick up a guitar and play,  a common feeling with this record.

Maybe one of the bests songs on the album, great music and very nostalgic and relatable lyrics that make you wanna sing really loud. The coolest thing about the song is that it doesn’t take itself too serious, it has a sense of wittiness that makes great music and lyrics… The song is played perfectly, a lesson on how every rock and roll song should sound like. Joan Jett wrote this song with Laura Jane Grace from the punk band “Against me” and it turned out amazing.

This one is a personal favorite, a beautiful punky – driven song that will never fail to put you in a really good mood. Great vocals and really cool guitar solo. The song has a sense of air about it that feels great; not much different from standing up in a Cadillac convertible that goes a 100 miles an hour with your eyes closed. I recommend this song for every fucked up situation, it will never fail on making you feel better.
It doesn’t get much better than hearing Joan Jett and her perfect rock and roll voice saying :
“So what else can I say You deal with what you’re given And I’m fighting everyday I’m loving and I’m living”

This is a truly honest and powerful song that shows nothing but sincerity. There is something beautiful and very punk rock about the idea of never growing up, there is something divine about that idea, but we have built a society of rules and regulations and taking responsibility, this dichotomy makes it difficult to stay in the divine while taking responsibility of how we are supposed to behave, artists are more in contact with their inner child, more in contact with the divine, they give in in order to create, making a living of giving themselves to exploration and intuition, to their inner child in order to create magic in the purest possible way.
Joan Jett as an artist, as a rock star, as a soul given to rock and roll, shares this bittersweet experience of having to grow up in this beautiful song. The last words of the song are simply amazing and resume the feeling of having just to “show up” as an adult.

You can feel this song comes straight from the heart, a wounded heart, that reflects on their life. What is cool about this song is that you can subtly sense a lot of reflections on life, death and philosophy in it but without sounding heavy or too dense. I find it really ground breaking and revolutionary to hear a woman saying, “Momentary pleasure really did me in”. Really cool change of tempos on the songs. The structure of the song is different from others and has it’s own cool logic.
Great string and piano solo, that I find mind-blowing, the string solo feels really personal like a tribute to Joan’s mother who passed away. Joan’s screams at the end of the song are spot on.

This is without a doubt my favorite song of the album; it’s a fun song with really serious and relevant lyrics that are full of wit. I feel like all the words are meant to be together, like it was a song waiting to be written, there are great analogies and the song itself expresses perfectly the trivialization of media and news and how a lot of us feel about it. It is a very powerful and intelligent song, it’s sung with balls and guts and it shows the greatness and power of Joan’s mature, sexy, raspy and perfect-pitched voice.
The song has also a great beat and an incredible Wah Wah guitar solo accompanied by a very cool riff. This has to be one of the best Joan Jett songs of all time, you just have to hear her sing “It’s demeaning, needs deep cleaning” to realize it.

A sexy song, classic Joan Jett and very rock and roll. A really danceable tune, would sound great on any rock and roll club. This is a really fun song, more than that it is a very hot song. Joan Jett trying to pick someone up (Or showing us sarcastically how to pick up a girl), it doesn’t get any hotter than that, except for Joan making reference to the tattoos on her arm or Joan telling someone to “Get the cuffs”. The bridge of this song is one of my favorites parts of the whole album, really cool, upbeat, sexy and somehow very different from everything Joan Jett. The song also has one of the best solos of the album.

This one has a cool riff and a nice beat, really cool intro and outro of the song with the cowbell and the drums , catchy chorus, it makes you want to sing along. The song is about being different in a world that judges, with a “it’s cool to be different and I don’t give a damn” attitude, a subject not uncommon to Joan Jett (Bad Reputation, Misunderstood, etc.) This is one of my least favorite songs from the album, but it’s definitely a nice song.

This song is one of the best album closers that I have ever heard, after all the upbeat and punky music, this song is a great closure. It is totally different from the whole album, yet it fits perfect. Slow and subtle music and Joan’s raspy New York voice whispering in your ear. This song has a great vocal performance and it is about needing someone, about connection (friends, lovers, heroes, etc.) just the need for connection.

 *I Know What I Know(Bonus track)
Really nice intro and great sounding guitars. I like this song very much and I think it resumes the whole album, an album that has no judgments but straight and forward opinions and a little baring of the soul. This song reflects and explains that. I think it should have been included in the original release.

*Seriously (Bonus track)
This one is my least favorite song of Unvarnished, although I find some interesting vocals that I like, I understand why it was left out. I would dedicate this song to all the posers out there.

Unvarnished is the tightest Joan Jett album ever, a great Rock and Roll album with no embellishments. . It is for the pure of heart and it will make you wanna stand up and dance singing your lungs out and wanting to desperately pick up a guitar and play all the amazing riffs…On top of all that, this record has one of the greatest straight Rock and Roll vocals I’ve heard.

Alanis Morissette vs Joan Jett

Alanis Morissette and Joan Jett… it’s seems like they have nothing in common.
You could say Alanis’ sound is more pop, her songs are more dense or lyrically inclined, while Joan Jett IS Rock and Roll, and her songs are a little bit more musically inclined. You could say Alanis is from the 90’s and Joan is from the 80’s, you can say a lot of things, maybe you like one of them and hate the other one, and maybe you can say how dare do I compare one with the other, maybe you love them both too or maybe you hate them both.

The truth is that they are in fact opposites that are alike, somehow I found a lot of similarities between them that have very little to do with their sound.

To start, I love them both and that is the first thing they have in common to me. They both are really sensitive souls, they have a great sense of spirituality and similar spiritual beliefs that take from every religion and philosophies that can be reflected in their tattoos. They are very aware of their souls and who they want to be.

Joan and Alanis found their calling at a very young age and stood by it working their asses off to achieve their own unique version of success, which was to make music they loved and share it.

They are unapologetic in their music, they don’t mind fully expressing themselves in their songs, they are feminist by default because they both broke every mold of what a woman should be and they keep doing it ‘till this day, without being too precious about it, just by being themselves and expressing it.

They received a lot of backlash from the media and close-minded people when they first came out and stood stoic doing what they loved, they opened up a lot of doors for women wanting to express themselves through music and opened up the media to women with a powerful and not so subtle sound and lyrics.

They have exceptionally unique voices that won’t be found anywhere else; voices that can express whatever they want and they know how to use perfectly. They don’t use their voices as an ornament to the song, they express the song with their voices and that makes them both rough and full of attitude.

They are very amazing and unique writers, they are sexual, humble, down to earth, vegan, into yoga,  they are well versed, brave, they take responsibility for anything that happened to them, they are extremely intelligent and many other things; there are also many things in which they differ, but even those differences makes them somehow similar because there is a force they have behind everything they do and that is passion.

So to me they are extremely passionate about what they do, the subjects in their lyrics, the way they sing, the way they write and everything they do…that makes their music so pure and simple.

Alanis Morissette y Joan Jett… parece que no tienen nada en común.
Se podría decir que el sonido de Alanis es más pop, que sus canciones son más densas o se inclinan por el lado del texto; mientras que Joan Jett ES Rock and Roll, y sus canciones están más inclinadas al lado musical. Se podría decir que Alanis es de los 90’s y Joan de los 80´s, se podrían decir muchas más cosas. De repente te gusta una de las dos y odias a la otra, o de repente me podrías decir cómo me atrevo a compararlas, quizás te encantan las dos o de repente las odias a las dos. 

La verdad es que son tan diferentemente parecidas, de alguna manera he encontrado muchas similitudes entre ellas que poco tiene que ver con su música.

Para empezar, las amo a las dos y eso es lo primero que tienen en común para mí. Las dos son almas sensibles, ambas tienen un gran sentido de espiritualidad y creencias espirituales similares, tomadas de todas las religiones y filosofías y pueden ver plasmadas en sus tatuajes. Ambas son conscientes de sus almas y quiénes quieren ser.

Joan y Alanis descubrieron su vocación a una temprana edad y trabajaron mucho hasta alcanzar su propia visión del éxito, que es hacer y compartir la música que aman.

Las dos hacen música sin complejos ni remordimientos, no les importa expresarse abiertamente en sus canciones, son feministas por defecto ya que ambas rompieron el molde de lo que la mujer debe ser y continúan haciéndolo hasta el día de hoy, sin pretensiones, siendo ellas mismas y expresándolo.

Las dos han recibido reacciones negativas de los medios y de personas de mente cerrada cuando recién aparecieron, sin embargo, mantuvieron una posición estoica haciendo lo que aman. Con letras y música poderosas –y no tan sutiles- le han abierto muchas puertas a otras mujeres que quieren expresarse a través de la música y así han creado un espacio en los medios para mujeres con sonidos crudos.

Tienen voces excepcionalmente únicas que no se pueden encontrar en ningún otro sitio, voces que pueden expresar lo que quieran y que ambas saben usar perfectamente. No usan sus voces como adornos en una canción, más bien expresan la canción con sus voces lo cual las hace crudas y llenas de actitud. 

Son compositoras geniales y únicas, son sexuales, humildes, centradas, veganas, hacen yoga, saben lo que dicen y cómo lo dicen, valientes, consecuentes en cualquier cosa que les pase, son extremadamente inteligentes y muchas cosas más; también hay muchas otras cosas en las que se diferencian, pero incluso esas diferencias las hace similares, porque hay una fuerza detrás de todo lo que hacen y esa fuerza es la pasión.

Para mí, las dos son extremadamente apasionadas en lo que hacen, los temas de sus canciones, la forma en la cantan, la manera en la que escriben y todo lo que realizan… eso hace su música tan pura y simple